Saturday, July 30, 2011

From the grave

Brand new post for a brand new obsession. I found myself briefly enjoying a rather familiar/unfamiliar sensation. Well, emotion. I'm sure the one reader I have won't be surprised. A second one (presuming that such a creature exists) may be. Fear, is the emotion I'm talking about.
I'm sure it has something to do with the delightful cocktail of chemicals and the relief following fear disappearing.

But on to the main event.

Slender Man. According to the internet was created as the result of the Something Awful forums.
If you're familiar with Fringe, the idea of an Observer is the best place to start. Bald, be-suited, seemingly capable of being anywhere. Now, take that basic shape, and sort of smudge out the face until it looks like a mannequin. Then stretch it to 7-8 feet tall, and give it absurdly gangly arms, and squish it sort of thin, and have it behave like a cross between a J-Horror antagonist, a Lovecraftian monster and a sub-atomic particle.

That is all.